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Create an Outdoor Living Lifestyle




Create an Outdoor Living Lifestyle

I’ve had the great fortunate to travel to a number of incredible resorts around the world. I'm always amazed at the way these resorts make me feel. It’s like I'm transformed from my blah normal world to a fantasy getaway that allow me to fully relax, unwind and enjoy life in a way I'm incapable of doing at home. That's the American dream... save up and plan all year so we can have our week of bliss. Why only one week of bliss? There's got to be a way of re-creating this feeling more often, but how? 

Outdoor Living products have erupted because people are seeking an Outdoor Living Lifestyle. We seek to incorporate the feelings we get from our favorite resort so we can enjoy them in our own backyard!  Given the hectic lives we live and the relentless pace of technology and multi-media, we are all looking for some balance to relax, slow down and enjoy. Maybe the soothing sound of a Waterfalls may be just what you need to decompress or meditate. You may desire nighttime entertaining and enjoy the ambiance of Tiki Torches or Outdoor Fireplaces. Create a romantic mood lounging in a comfy chase surrounded by beautiful Outdoor Curtains

I know what I spent for a “week of bliss” last year and although I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation, the feeling only lasted only a week. One week is not enough because we need more quiet time to relax, or with family and friends. Developing an outdoor living lifestyle willl allow you to enjoy your bliss anytime you want! Whatever mood you seek is available to you to enjoy in privacy of our backyard. Your cool new resort destination getaway, zero miles!!

That is the passion behind the creation of Absolute Outdoor Living. Our goal was to inspire people to take the next step, give them some ideas and offer the products to make it happen. Your bliss is now available! Most people do nothing because they’re not sure where to start.  The key is to look at images of great outdoor living projects and begin to shape your ideas. Is your space more for relaxation or entertainment? Do you have privacy issues (curtains) or do you need more or a need for lighting? The answers to these questions can help guide you in a direction and simplify the process.  Always remember one thing; this is your space, so make it look and feel the way you want!  For more ideas and inspiration, go to our Absolute Outdoor Living Facebook page and look for the “Inspiration” post.

Calvin is a principal of Absolute Outdoor Living and passionate about outdoor living. You can see a full display of products available at: